Brief History

In recent years, Saudi Arabia especially in Riyadh, has witnessed a rapid growth in the surgical fields. Many training programs for different surgical specialties has evolved under the supervision of the Medical council and matured with time. The organizing committee of the Basic Operative Surgical Skills Course has noticed the residents need for a well-organized, scientifically based and practical workshop to learn the correct methods and skills needed in the Operating Theaters. We are not aware of any workshop in Riyadh area or elsewhere across the kingdom providing a course with similar magnitude.

From 1998 to 2000, the contents of this course have been given in the form of separate seminars for some of the candidates who were rotating in Plastic Surgery. It has never been put in shape until last year 2001 where a full comprehensive 5-day course was given to 10 candidates from different surgical divisions and it proved to be very promising. We hope that this improved course will lead to the graduation of a new generation of surgeons with an utmost performance.

Our Aim

The aim of this course is to provide the residents with training on the basic practical knowledge and skills needed in the Operating Theaters.

This would be obtained by practice and repetition on non-living and animal models. We feel that residents should attend such a course before they are allowed to operate on patients.

The organizing committee of the course has prepared a manual for the participants which is a product of the experience gained by Senior Consultants and the updated needed information as judged by the active Junior Surgeons. This booklet has been designed to provide a concise practical guideline as well as scientifically based information needed for the basic surgical techniques.

It's our belief that there is always a place for improvement that comes with practice in order to be able to provide a better course and possibly a more informative manual over the following years.

Board Committee

Meet The Founders

BOSS Course was founded by 7 respectable specialists in 1997.

Dr. Osama Shareefi

Consultant, Plastic Surgery Dept.

Dr. Ayad Saloum

Consultant, Pediatrics Surgery Dept.

Dr. Soliman Abdullah

Registrar, Pediatrics Surgery Dept.

Dr. Medhat Sofyani

Consultant, Pediatrics Surgery Dept.

Dr. Nahed Khalaf

Consultant, OB/Gyn Dept.

Dr. Hessa Al Dohami

Consultant, Plastic Surgery

Dr. Maimouna Al Omawi

Head, Clinical Skills Center